Access2Care in RB Web

Access2Care requires a Vehicle ID number in RoutingBox to match their portal. Access2Care also requires a late reason if driver marks an arrival that's over a minute late.

Work with your RoutingBox Customer Success Manager to set-up RoutingBox Web for Access2Care trips. They will create field on your Vehicle profile for your Access2Care vehicle ID and a column for Access2Care Late Reasons for your Dispatch screen.

Once those are set-up for you, be sure to add the correct Vehicle ID from your Access2Care portal to each of your Vehicle profiles BEFORE completing trips in RoutingBox.

How to Add Access2Care Vehicle IDs in RoutingBox:

Use the left menu to click Vehicles.

Click any Vehicle to open the vehicle profile.

From there, scroll down to the Additional Details and update the Access2Care Vehicle ID, as shown below. Make sure the Plate number also matches your Access2Care portal.

Once finished, click Update Vehicle in top left.

Make sure all Vehicles have this ID saved BEFORE completing trips in RoutingBox!

Access2Care Late Reasons

Access2Care requires a late reason if driver marks that they’ve arrived over a minute later than the trips scheduled time.

To see this information in Dispatch, click the down arrow on the left of the trip and compare the scheduled Pickup Time with the PUA (Pick Up Actual) time. If the Access2Care trip is over one minute late, be sure to add the Late Reason.

(if you do not have these columns in your view, learn how to add them below)

To add the “Access2Care Late Reasons” Column in Dispatch:

From the Dispatch Screen:
Click the "Change Columns" icon in the top right

From the pop-up, find Access2Care Late Reasons from the left, Available columns.

Double-clicking will bring that column over to the right, Selected Columns.

Next, add PUA (Pickup Actual) to the Selected Columns side. Include any other columns you'd like to see on the Dispatch screen.
Click Update Columns.

Back on the Dispatch Screen, expand a trip to see the columns you just added by clicking the down arrow on the left of the trip, shown below.

Compare the PUA (the time the driver actually marks "Arrived at PickUp") to the scheduled Pickup Time. If the trip is over a minute late, click the trip ID to open the trip and add a Late Reason.

Access2Care Billing

When you're ready to bill, RoutingBox Web can generate a file with your completed trip information in a format specific to Access2Care.

To do this, use the left navigation panel to expand Billing.

Click "Review and Export"

From the Review and Export screen, click Filter Trips

Choose your Access2Care Account and the date range you'd like to bill for.

Check off the boxes on the left, as shown below

Click Create
Choose Access2Care CSV from the popup, and click Create. Shown Below