How to Export from MedBatch

1. Open the File menu.

2. Select Export.

3. Select the report you would like to generate.

4. Enter a file name for your report and choose to save as file type Excel.

5. Click Save.

6. Locate the file from where you saved it in step 4 and double click it to open in Excel.

7. You will receive a pop up confirming you would like to open the file. Select Yes to open your exported claims.

Elaboration on Export options in step 3

Claims Grid, Claims Grid (Detailed), Claim Lines, and Claim Lines (Detailed)

The Claims Grid option exports the data with the exact layout you see in the claims grid: 

The Claims Grid detailed version includes additional information that you could view in the Claim History or Edit Claim screen:

The Claim Lines option presents each procedure as a row in the spreadsheet.  If a claim has two claim lines, it will take up two rows in the spreadsheet: 

The Claim Lines detailed version includes additional information about the claim:


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