How to Add a New Payment Method

RoutingBox allows you to create several payment method categories for billing.

Navigate to the Billing tab, and then select the Methods icon.

1. When you load the methods screen, initially it will have a new method available for creation automatically. If you need to create another, select the New Record icon.

2. If you need to edit a payment method, search in the grid, or manually select one.
3. Enter the Name* of the payment method.
4. The Status should automatically be in the active status, and can be turned to inactive when the method is no longer in use.

5. A Description is available for you to place personal notes or information on the method you are creating.
6. The following settings can be turned on if a driver collects payment:

  • The Driver Collection option can be set to “Yes” if the driver would collect this payment method from a customer.
  • The Collected by Driver setting tracks what was collected by the driver.
  • Notify Driver will send notifications to the driver to request a payment from the customer.

7. Discount allows you to set a discount % or dollar amount for this payment method.

8. Select the Save icon for a new payment method.