How to Create a Custom Address

If you receive an alert that a valid address is invalid, a Custom Address can be created. Creating a Custom Address eliminates the error for that address going forward and ensures that the location contains the correct latitude and longitude.

Method 1 - Importer

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Importer icon.

1. The trip with the invalid address error will have the bad address highlighted in red. Right click the replace address icon  at the end of this address.

2. Select Create Custom Address from the menu.

3. The Custom Addresses window will open. Your address will be pre-populated. Make any necessary changes.

4. Click Geocode.

5. Enter the Latitude and Longitude. These can be found by searching for the address on, then pasting the Latitude and Longitude into RoutingBox.

6. Click OK to accept your geo-coordinates.

7. Click the floppy disc icon to save your changes. You can now go back to the Importer and successfully import any trips with this address.

Method 2 - Trip Scheduling

A custom address may also be necessary when creating a trip in Trip Scheduling. If RoutingBox does not recognize the address that is entered into the PU or DO field, you will be prompted to create a Custom Address.

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Scheduling icon.

1. The Address Finder window will open automatically if an address is not recognized. If it isn't automatically detected, click the map/magnifying glass icon.

2. If the correct address does not show in the search results in the Address Finder, click "If you can't find the address you are looking for, create a custom address..."

3. Type the address exactly how you want it to appear.

4. Enter the Latitude and Longitude. These can be found by searching for the address on, then pasting the Latitude and Longitude into RoutingBox.

5. Click Create to save your Custom Address.


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