How to Create a Custom View

Saved Views can be accessed from Dispatch and the Trip Viewer.  Saved views provide an easy way to review and preview specific trip information.

Navigate to the Operations tab, then select the Dispatch icon.


Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Viewer icon.

1.  Choose the Filters you would like in your Saved View.


2.  Select the View tab.

3.  Choose the columns you would like to appear in your Saved View.  Selected columns will be highlighted in orange.  The bottom most arrow to the far right, will give you more options. 

4.  Left click and drag columns to reorder them.  You can also click the edge of a column and drag to resize it.              

5.  Click the drop-down arrow to access the Saved Views menu. 


6.  Here, you can save a new view (Save Columns & Filters as New View) or alter an existing one (Update Columns & Filters of Current View).

7. Remove Current View will delete the currently-selected view. 

8. Rename Current View will rename the currently-selected view

9. Share Current View, when clicked, will share the view to another user account, bringing up the dialogue window you see below. 

10. These checkboxes indicate the user(s) who will receive access to the shared view.  

11. After selecting the correct users you wish to share the views with, click the floppy disk in the top right to save the settings. These users may have to log out and log back in to see the view appropriately. 


Remember, saved views include the column order and filters you set in steps 1-4!

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