How to Edit a Repeating Trip

Repeating trips will sometimes need changes based on the client's need. You will be able to make these changes in RoutingBox to make sure you’re not dispatching drivers to a trip that is not needed.

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, and then select the Trip Scheduling icon.
Search for a scheduled repeating trip that you would like to edit.

1. Once you have the repeating trip you would like to edit, you will click the calendar icon, right next to the Date of Service field. This will bring up the Repeat menu.

2. In this section you can select the day(s) of the week you want the trip to occur on. Select either the checkboxes next to the days of the week or the buttons to the right (None, M-F, MWF, TR, TRS, ALL) as shortcuts to select the days for you.

3. Select any exclusion dates (as well as date ranges) that should not appear on this repeat. This is useful for holidays/times a client is not going to be utilizing your trip services. Select the date or date range using the calendar and click the green plus sign. Or type the date into the section manually.

4. In this section you can select an end date for this repeat. On this date the trip will stop being scheduled moving forward. A repeat series can be created one year in advance, the end date can be edited in Trip Scheduling or in the Repeat Viewer.

5. Save your changes.
Once saving the trip you will be given the option to either apply these changes to just this trip, or to apply the change to the entire series trip series moving forward. After making your selection, this trip will now be updated.