How to Add a Client Approval or Prior Authorization

Creating Approvals allows you to store prior authorizations for a specific client. Once created, an approval can be applied to individual or repeat trips.

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Clients icon.

  1. Type to search for the client to create an approval.
  2. Select the Client.
  3. Go to the Approvals tab.


4. Enter required(*) information: Authorization #, Account, Date Range and Primary Address.

Optional Fields: Using the following fields will restrict the Approval to only apply to trips that meet the same criteria.             

  • If the approval is for specific days, enter those days into the Days field.
  • If the approval is for specific services, enter the service code and the Quantity.
  • If the approval is restricted to a specific location or provider, then add that information to the approval

5. Click Save