How To Bill Claims in MedBatch

If a claim has the Ready status, the claim is being sent to eMedNY to be processed. 

There are three ways to change a claim to the Ready status.

First filter for the trips that need to be submitted to eMedNY using the instructions below.

1. Set the Status Filter to To Submit.

2. Select the date range you would like to submit claims for in the Claims From and Claims To

Method One:

1. Check the box on any claims that you would like to change to the Ready

2. Click the Bill Claims The status of the checked claims will be changed to Ready and submitted to eMedNY.

Method Two:

1. Using the Status drop-down on the claim, change the status to Ready. These claims have now been submitted to eMedNY.

Method Three:

1. To Ready all billable claims, right click anywhere in the claims grid.  Select Check All Billable.  This will place a check mark next to claims that are ready to be submitted to eMedNY.

2. Select the Bill Claims button.