How to Review and Change the Billing Status of a Trip

RoutingBox allows you to edit the billing status of one trip or multiple trips at the same time. A trip in a Ready Billing Status has not yet been billed. Trips marked as Billed have been billed out but have not yet received payment.

Method 1 - Trip Viewer

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Viewer icon.

1. Select the Date Range you'd like to review. Use the other filters like Account, Trip and Billing Status to narrow the data down further.
2. Refresh the grid.

3. Select the View tab to choose which columns will be visible in the grid.

4. Choose which columns to include under the Column Visibility. If a field is highlighted orange, it will show in the Trip Viewer grid. When reviewing Billing Status, some helpful columns to include are Bill Status, Paid $, Total $, and Balance $*.
*Bill Status is the status RoutingBox will assign to the trip: Ready, Billed, On Hold, etc. 
*Paid $
is the amount of money that has been paid on the trip. 
*Total $ is the total bill charged to the the payer for the trip. 
*Balance $
is the amount of money remaining to be paid: It is calculated as the difference between Total $ and Paid $. 

5. Select the Data tab to update the Billing statuses for one or more trips.
6. Choose Billing Status from the Field to Change drop-down.
7. Select the Billing Status you'd like to change trips to from the drop-down. Ready is the default option.
8. The current billing status of the trips in the grid can be reviewed from the Bill Status column.

9. Use the checkbox in the column header to check ALL trips in the grid, or check individual boxes to update one or specific trips.

10. Click on Update Checked Trips to update the billing status of the trips.

11. Select Yes to verify your changes.

Method 2 - Trip Scheduling

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Scheduling icon.

1. Search for a trip or press the orange triangle to view trips from the menu.

2. Select the trip you would like to update the billing status for.

3. Click the blue info icon.

4. Click the Billing Status drop-down menu.

5. Select the billing status you would like to apply.

6. Click the floppy disc icon to save your changes.


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