How To Use the Tracker History Screen

The Tracker History allows you to review a specific driver/vehicle route from any given date on a map, as well as the location of all status updates and signature captures made by a driver using RoutingBox Mobile.

Navigate to the Operations tab, then select Tracker History from the drop-down.

1. Select the Date you would like to view.

2. Select an Assignment from the drop-down. The window will automatically refresh with the route taken by the driver/vehicle.

3. Click a circle icon to review the status change, Timestamp, Trip ID, and Client name from that occurred at that location.


Green  - Login

Orange  – Arrived at Pickup, EnRoute to Dropoff (Trip in Progress)

Red  – Arrived at Dropoff, Completed, NoShow (Trip Ending)

Gray  – Signature Captured (Shows Client Name if Applicable)


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