How to Create and Update a Repeating Trip

Creating a Repeat, also known as a standing order, makes it easy to schedule trips that are transported on the same day(s) each week, for the same client, for a specified length of time, without having to schedule each trip individually.

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Scheduling icon.
Schedule the trip that you would like to set up as a repeat from the Scheduling icon.
1. Click the Repeat icon (the icon will have a green border if this trip is already a part of a repeat). This will open the Repeat window.
2. Select which days of the week this repeat will take place. Click on the blue links to quickly select days. For example, if the repeat is meant to occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, select the TR link to check Tuesday and Thursday. 
3. Select the date you would like this Repeat to end. 
4. Enter specific dates or a date range in the box on the right side that need to be excluded from this repeat. Trips will not be created for any dates selected here.
5. Click the floppy disc icon to save the repeat. The repeating trips will be created up until the indicated end date. Once RoutingBox has created the repeat, the client's Trip History will display each trip.
How to Edit a Repeating Trip
1. Once you have the repeating trip you would like to edit, you will click the calendar icon, right next to the Date of Service field. This will bring up the Repeat menu.
2. In this section you can select the day(s) of the week you want the trip to occur on.
3. Select any exclusion dates that should not appear on this repeat. This is useful for holidays/times a client is not going to be utilizing your trip services.
4. In this section you can select an end date for this repeat. On this date the trip will stop being scheduled moving forward.
5. Save your changes. Once saving the trip you will be given the option to either apply these changes to just this trip, or to apply the change to the entire series trip series moving forward. After making your selection, this trip will now be updated
How to Add an Exception Date to a Repeating Trip

Navigate to the Scheduling tab, then select the Scheduling Icon.

1. Click the orange arrow to expand the search results.

2. Search for a client to make changes to their repeat cycle.

3. Select a trip that is part of the repeat you'd like to alter.

4. Click the Repeat calendar to open the Repeat menu for your selected trip.

5. In the Exception section, select a specific date or date range needs to be excluded from the Repeat, then click the green plus icon.

6. All the dates excluded from this Repeat will be displayed here.

7. Once all Exception dates have been added, click the floppy disc to save.

8. You will be prompted to Edit just this trip (date) or Edit entire trip series (repeat). Both options will save the Exception dates.

9. Click OK to finalize your changes.


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