How to Set Rates on the Trip Services Screen

Once you configure the Trip Services screen for your Accounts, RoutingBox will be automatically price your trips upon creation.

Navigate to the Billing tab, then select the Services icon.

1. Start typing the name of the Account you'd like to setup rates for and select the Account from the drop-down.

2. Enter the procedure Codes indicated by the payer. In this example, the base Code will be A0100 and the mileage Code will be S0215.

3. Select the appropriate Type from the drop-down. A0100 is a Base code, while S0215 is a Mileage code.

4. Enter the Rate for each code, which will be indicated by the payer.

5. Select Livery from the Mode drop-down.

6. Enter the Start Date for these rates, which will be indicated by the payer.

7. Click the floppy disc to Save your changes.


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