How to Use Timekeeping in RoutingBox

Timekeeping in RoutingBox allows transporters to track the logged hours of drivers for the purposes of payroll.

Timekeeping is found under the Management tab in RoutingBox Desktop.

Timekeeping displays the times that a driver logged in and out of the mobile  app, the times they clocked in and out of the app, and the times they completed their checklists if applicable. The first pick up and last drop off times are also displayed.

1. The date range defaults to the current date. There needs to be at least one active Assignment for the date range selected in order for anything to show in the grid.

2. The Date, Name, and Status of the driver is displayed in the first 3 columns. 

3. The Login column shows the timestamp for when the driver logged into the mobile app. 

4. The Pre-Checklist column shows the timestamp for when the driver completed the pre-trip checklist. If pre-trip checklists are not enabled this column will not display.

5. The First PU Actual column displays the earliest timestamp collected for Arrived at PU logged for that driver.

6. The Last DO Actual column displays the last Completed timestamp collected by the driver.

7. The Logout column displays the time the driver logged out of the mobile app. 

8. The Times column displays all the Clock In/Clock Out records that were logged for the day. Double click this field to open the Edit Times screen. 

9. The Working Hours column shows the number of hours logged within each Clock In/Clock Out time frame.

10. The Break Hours column shows the time in between a Clock Out record and the next Clock In record. Times are added to to this value every time a driver clocks out throughout the day.

11. The Total Hours displayed here consists of the Working Hours plus the Break Hours.

12. A summary for the day is displayed at the bottom of the Timekeeping screen. 


The Edit Times screen allows a user to manually edit Clock In and Clock Out times.

1. The Clock In and Clock Out column displays the time the driver tapped the Clock In button in the driver app or a user manually added a time in the desktop application. Times added from the desktop will show an asterisk before the time. Missing will display if either of these timestamps is not collected.

2. Selecting the minus button will deleted the timestamp from the associated row.

3. Hovering over a timestamp will display the user that created the log. This will display SYSTEM if a timestamp is collected from the mobile app, unless a driver has a Dispatch User indicated on their Driver Profile

4. The Add button will add a new line on the Edit Times screen should a new record need to be added.

5. The Save button saves changes to the Edit Times screen, and the Cancel button discards changes and closes the screen.

Timekeeping in the driver app, RB Mobile

It's important to instruct driver and employees that first they must use their pin to Login to RoutingBox Mobile - then they should Clock in using the menu. See below:

1.Tap the Menu in the top left corner of RoutingBox Mobile. Timekeeping will display as the first option in the Menu.

2. A driver should tap Clock In or Clock Out to save a new timekeeping record. The current Clock In/Clock Out status is displayed above these buttons. Drivers should review this information daily.

3. Each Clock In/Clock Out event is logged on this screen with the total working hours displayed for each unit to the right of the record. If a Clock In/Clock Out record is not recorded, missing will display in place for the time. 

4. Totals for the day display at the bottom of the Timekeeping screen.