How to Use the Repeats Screen

The Repeat Viewer allows you to view all active repeat trips in one screen, including canceled or expired repeat trips.

Navigate to Scheduling, then Repeats. 

1. Use the filters to select the appropriate repeat trips you would like to view.
2. Click the Refresh button in the upper-left corner of the Repeat Viewer screen.
 All of the standing orders for that account will then be displayed with the client, times, locations, end date, and days of the week.

How to View Cancelled or Expired Repeats

1. Enter any filters you'd like applied while searching for your repeats.

2. Click the Other filter.

3. To view repeats that were expired on a specific date, select the date, then click the Include Expired checkbox.

4. To view cancelled repeats, click the Show Cancelled checkbox.

5. Click Refresh to populate the grid with Cancelled and/or Expired repeats. Expired repeats will be highlighted in red, while Cancelled repeats will have a strike-through line.

How to Extend Multiple Repeat Trips

1. Select filters to narrow down the repeats you'd like to view.

2. Click Refresh to apply your filters to the repeats in the grid.

3. Click the checkbox for each repeat you'd like to extend.

4. Enter the date you'd like to extend the repeats to.

5. Click the Extend Date icon.

6. A window will open to verify the amount of repeats that were updated.