MAS Direct Attestation in RoutingBox

Use the Attest feature in RoutingBox to review and confirm trip info - including GPS / geolocation data recorded for trips. Attestation submitted from RoutingBox goes directly to MAS.

You must import your MAS trips using the MAS Direct Connection or MAS Auto Importer in RoutingBox to attest using the MAS Direct Attestation feature.

Navigate to the Billing tab, then select the Attest icon.


1. Enter the date range you would like to submit for attestation.

2. Select whether you would like to view All, Attested or Unattested trips from the Status drop-down.

3.  Select if you prefer to attest by Account or Account Class.  (To get all Medicaid trips, mark Account Class, and choose Medicaid)

4. Depending on which option you selected in the previous step, either start typing the name of the Account or select the Account Class name in the drop down (typically Medicaid for Account Class, as shown above). Click Refresh and review the trip information.

5. You can click on the Audit icon to open the Tracker Audit screen. You can review the PU and DO Geolocations for the trips in more detail from this screen.  This is not a required step.

6. The PU Geolocation and DO Geolocation columns are color coded to show how accurate the GPS data recorded for that stop is.

  • Green indicates that the data around the GPS pings is very accurate.
  • Yellow indicates that the data around the GPS pings is considered fairly accurate. 
  • Red indicates that the data around the GPS pings is considered accurate but minimal.
  • Gray indicates that no GPS data was captured around that stop. These trips cannot be attested to through RoutingBox.  This can happen if not all trip statuses were captured.

7. You can double click on the checkbox in the Signed columns to review signatures and their geocoded locations.


8. Right-click on a trip and select an option from the menu to select multiple trips to submit for attestation. Trips with a green checkmark are completely attestable, while trips with the red circle may require additional review and/or manual attestation in the MAS portal. Hover over the green checkmark or red circle for additional info.

9. Click the arrow under the Submit button and select "MAS Direct Attestation (2022+)"

Please Note: It takes some time for the attested trips to display on the MAS portal.

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