Notifications and the Notification Pane

The Notification Pane displays quick summaries to alert users of trip additions or changes throughout the day. Each RoutingBox user will receive the same notifications. You can mark these notifications as read once you don't need to see them anymore.

1. If any trips have been added or changed upon import, you'll see a number displayed in the top right, representing the amount of trip legs that have been added or changed.

2. Click on the RoutingBox logo to review the notifications.

3. Each trip will have a short summary of the changes.

4. You can find the date and timestamp of the change here.

5. Clicking on the small arrow next to a notification will expand the summary to full length or decrease it back to the abbreviated display.

6. You can mark a specific notification as read by clicking the X in the top right. This will remove the notification from your Notification Pane.

7. You can dismiss all notifications by clicking Mark All Read.

8. Click the RoutingBox logo again to hide the Notification Pane.

9. The buttons at the bottom of the notification pane separate the types of notifications you can receive in the notification pane. Click on the Clear All at the bottom to clear those specific notifications or click once on the button to turn those notifications off if you do not need notifications from that source.


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