RoutingBox Partners

Use this article to help determine how your trips will be put into RoutingBox. For Integrated Partners, trips come into RoutingBox automatically. For most other brokers, trips can be Imported with a file from their portal.

If the broker you are working with is an integrated partner, please with your Customer Success Manager to set up your integration. If we are capable of importing the trips using the file below, please use this article How to Import Trips

Integration Import File Capable
ModivCare/Logisticare Access2Care (.csv)
MTM AARP (.csv)
Veyo Blue Ride (.csv)
MAS Childrens Services (.csv)
Qryde CTS (.csv, .xls)
Alivi Elderserve (.csv)
Sentry Fidelis (.pdf)
CTG First Transit (.csv)
iCabbi HopeLink (.csv)
Centrek/Limosys Kaizen Health (.csv)
RideHealth MART (.csv)
  ProvideARide (.csv)
  SafeRideHealth (.csv)
  Southeastrans (.csv)
  Tennessee Carriers (.csv)