What is a Trip Status?

Drivers are responsible for updating the Trip Status in real time using RoutingBox Mobile on every trip. Marking a Trip Status is how drivers communicate with dispatch and integrated trip brokers.

In most cases, drivers should be marking 5 trip statuses per trip. This ensures that all information is sent correctly to dispatch and ultimately; trip brokers.

The statuses available in RB Mobile are:

  1. En Route to Pickup – Driver marks when they’re on the way to the pickup location

  2. Arrived at Pickup – Driver marks when they’ve arrived at the pickup location and are waiting for the client.  If the client is not present at this stage, update the trip to the No Show status.

  3. En Route to DropOff – Driver marks when client is in the car and they're on the way to the drop-off location.

  4. Arrived at Dropoff – Driver marks when they have arrived at the drop-off location and the vehicle has stopped.

  5. Completed – Driver then marks trip complete. If required, the driver and/or client may be prompted to sign for the trip.

Monitoring Driver Performance

  • The dispatcher can view these real-time status updates in the Dispatch screen in RoutingBox.
  • The driver's current status and position can be viewed using the Live Tracker screen as well.

Every broker has different requirements for "on time". These requirements may also include GPS location data. It is very important that you work closely with your broker to be aware of which timestamps they are using to measure your driver performance. 

Columns can be adjusted on your Dispatch screen to optimize Driver Performance throughout the day by comparing the scheduled Pick Up (PU) and Drop Off (DO) times to the Actual times drivers update Trip Statuses.

In most cases, to monitor your drivers, you'll want to be sure your Dispatch View has the following columns:

Status - Dispatch can view/update Trip Status, color-coded

PUA Time - Pickup Arrived (when driver marks they have Arrived at PickUp).  You'll want to compare this to what is scheduled in the "PU Time" column. (always verify with your broker)

PUD- Pickup Departed (when the driver marks En Route to DropOff)

DOA - Drop Off Arrived (when the driver marks they've Arrived at DropOff). Verify with your broker if this is the timestamp to compare with the scheduled DO Time.

DOD - Drop Off Departed (when the driver marks the trip Completed)  Verify with your broker if this is the timestamp to compare with the scheduled DO Time.

If you do not have these columns on Dispatch, they can be added to your Dispatch View and saved as a Custom View.

Information on how to customize your view in RoutingBox can be found here: 

RB Desktop: How to Create a Custom View
RB Web: 
How to Add Columns to View in RB Web